About us

Our Journey: A Quest for Bold, Imaginative, and Heartwarming Designs

Welcome to Littlechic Boutique, where we strive to bring you designs that kids find exciting. Littlechic Boutique was founded by Dutch dad Coen, a parent to two young girls with a pronounced fashion sense. His journey to establishing Littlechic Boutique began when he observed that many available kids' clothing options, though abundant and beautiful, often feature designs and prints that failed to break existing paradigms and weren't resonating with the true favorites of children. Thus, the idea of a design-focused kids' store was born – an attempt at an answer to the generic, reaffirming, and uninspiring.

Our Designs: Child-Approved

We don't just create; we co-create with our most honest and direct critics - the kids. Aiming for designs that are wholesome, vibrant, rough, inspiring, flashy, surprisingly funny, or simply cool. Our collections reflect their taste, and we embrace the delightful unpredictability of their choices.

Sustainability: More than Just a Word

At Littlechic Boutique, sustainability is at the heart of our operations. We prioritize eco-friendly suppliers and products, even if they come with a premium price tag. Returns, while an inevitable part of online shopping, pose an environmental challenge. Hence, we don't offer free returns. Instead, we urge our patrons to get in touch with any queries regarding our products, sizes, or fits. Honestly, we'd rather you didn't order at all if unsure of the product, rather than ordering something "just to try it on." It's a shared journey to reduce waste and make informed choices.

Crafting Quality with Partners

Our commitment to delivering only the best is strengthened by our partnerships with high-quality suppliers. We prioritize collaborations that echo our ethos of reducing waste and maximizing joy, with print-on-demand partners crafting your chosen pieces possibly just around the corner from you if we do not have them in stock. All printing and product finalization is conducted in Europe.

Expanding Horizons

We began our journey with a focus on Europe, extending our reach country by country. To know if we have reached your country, do check here. If we aren’t there yet, bear with us a little longer! Sign up for our newsletter below if you'd like us to keep you posted.

Here for you

For any questions, feedback or a simple hello, reach out to us at support@littlechic-boutique.com. We're always eager to hear from you.

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Join us in crafting a more sustainable, vibrant, and joyful world. Explore our collection, and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates, stories, and more. If you have any questions or need more details, we are just an email away.